samedi 28 février 2015

"It is time to understand that this period of your life is a turning point in the evolution of humanity.

"It is time to understand that this period of your life is a turning point in the evolution of humanity.

The path that opens before you is a call to love, brotherhood and respect for self and others.

Love is everywhere and everyone is trying to radiate this love. Some will succeed more or less, depending on the degree of evolution.

Love is a bird in a cage just waiting to fly to freedom of expression.

You've been hit by so much violence and you answered with the momentum of your heart, but understand that violence is also in words, in deeds, in looks, in gestures, and these acts are holders of any this energy that accumulates and would refer to one and all this violence in its most extreme form.

Feed Peace
feed tolerance,
feed benevolence,
feed compassion and all lead you to love.
Greater love, fed this egregore.

Feed the violence of your television, your games, and violence you are redistributed.

The well-being is to feed because of the well-being reborn balance.

Yes, every act account. Every emotion, every feeling. every thought is issuing a result. Of course, it will not be fully visible, but the responsibility of one and the other remain.

When you look at your life, know forgive "no regrets excessive" just agree that the words, deeds, words exceeded thoughts. Thank for this experience and put himself in the issue at the highest.

We know that this period is between violence and brotherhood between violence and fear, between violence and desire of good, but good always come out the essence of love.

No matter the time you put in reaching the internal balances, make it your goal, because that is what is required of you.

Why do you think that the situations you face so much? They are shaking because of your lives, you are united in your essence and connection with your true nature. You forgot that you are from love and from the stars. Forgot your inner wealth because it shows you the benefits of external resources.

This is the consequence of your forgetfulness of yourself and this turning urge you to find yourself and reconnect with your essence of love.

I thank you for this communication, I am the Archangel Michael.

Communication received by Françoise Roué - on february 26, 2015

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