dimanche 1 mars 2015

Diary of a messenger # 2 - Forgive can not be a mental act

I think forgive all our choices (especially those who have led us to suffering), can not be a mental act. But then, as my eyes "decide" to forgive is not enough, how to act? And shall we act on all fronts ?

For the record, this working forgive myself pointing the tip of his nose for a few days, and it woke me up at 4:20 am. At 04 :44 am, while I was resting the pen, I knew I had taken a step in forgiveness towards myself. While this may seem a bit personal, I choose to share this message with you because what was explained to me is every reason to share it.
I wish you good reading.

"I am the Archangel Michael, thank you for this communication,

when you make a choice, he may have a happy result, or unhappy.

The happy result gives you well-being and satisfaction, esteem, too, to yourself, and to have made this choice for all benefits.

When the impact of your choice leads to "bad luck", it follows a resonance that may remain in you long.

Choosing incarnation leading to consequences that you "judges" unfortunate is so only because there loving choice to base. That of a repair, related to previous life experience, the experiment that vibration multiple consequences for then savor the satisfaction of having transcended. That to be next to someone from your presence alone even be an unfortunate support that absence would have other consequences.

Forgive and forgive "oneself" generates a first process is that of understanding the reasons beyond the experience. The reasons are always love and why even seen by the lens of your eyes are "always" love.

Understanding this is already going to the next step.

You chose it to find the love of yourself lost a key moment in your life. Lost by losing yourself lost in similar suffering.

Any act of injury that first application understanding to finally recognize the love and when you understand that the purpose is love, you recognize your choice irrespective of the judgment of your own suffering as "good" and it throws all sails suffering and initial non-forgiveness.

The mind can not fight when the purpose is love.

The mind is paradox tool and it does not deal with reconnecting to love.

You did that in the energy of love and if even at that time you did not recognize, you can now understand and recognize.

Recognize the act of love in the initial choice is to forgive, and the circle is complete.
Repair is present and unwavering.

Know that by receiving this instruction, you did the act of reparation that you have long sought in yourself and to your choice. By doing this, you also open the door of understanding for people who will recognize and did not understand that behind some of their choice that made them suffer, there was simply a choice of repair and love .

God is Love.

God is vibration just because no other way than he proposes is Love.

No need of repentance, redemption and self-flagellation.

Recognize the vibration of Love, in all, and all those he has created is acknowledge its existence. "

"... I thank you for this teaching you offered to my heart and my soul tonight.
4 h 44 ".

Channeling by Françoise Roué on february 27, 2015

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