dimanche 8 mars 2015

Diary of a messenger # 3: Lesson of life : small or big

Breakfast time is often a time for reflection, and that reflection, I feel the urge to take the pen, I put myself in a position to receive and the pencil began to travel the sheet while the words are present one after the other. Teaching is there.

"Why can not you understand the lesson of life that is yours:

  "I am following the light and the light guide me wherever I have to go. I guided my guide and I do not except by the guidance. "

Yes, you can better. This is small. Then you get smaller. Look great and you will receive great.

How to think big like that ? The vision of the universe is vast field of possibilities. You see the world, you see big. You see yourself and unlimited part of this universe. All and One at a time. I choose to see and receive great.

Ha, you're embarrassed to think big. You say it's not possible. You are mistaken. If you can not see much to see accept unlimited. Unlimited is your word. Choose the words with which you are most resonance.

That's all for today. "

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